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Published on December 24, 2015

5 months of work were necessary to make this. PRANK REVEALS: ALL THE INFO ARE ON DESCRIPTION Instagram ► Twitter ► Behind the scenes channel: **********Q & A*********** (will update it) Q: How much did you spent on this prank? A: This prank’s cost was about $10k Q: How many days it took to have this done? A: 5 months more or less Q: How many shooting days were necessary? A: 5 shooting days, but i did almost 5 months of preparations and tests. once everything was ready i called my helpers and we filmed the scenes Q: How many people work behind this? A: Only me, i do everything by myself. Except for the shooting days where 1-2 members of my family help me or for some more complicated tasks which require more than me and my girlfriend (like the crop circle) Q: Why aliens? A: I dream about making this video since the very begin, but i never had the resources necessary to produce it Q: You really made a crop circle? A: It wasn’t so good but…Yes Q: The explosion was real? A: Absolutely 100% real. Check the BTS channel for more info Q: How is possible to do all this? A: Is not possible actually…and i will probably get fined for some thousands of dollars for something. It happens very often lately. Q: The second explosion is bigger? A: Actually no… i had to wait 50 days to have a foggy day. so i could get the huge light glow effect. Little info: At 2:16 the flame from the explosion was 290 meters high from the ground (951 feet) Connect with me Facebook

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